Audie is a peppy wolf villager who first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and is currently the only peppy wolf to date. Early last year, an inspiring video featuring an 87-year old grandma showing off her Animal Crossing: New Leaf town with over 3,500 hours of gameplay time went viral across the internet.. A little over a year later, the one and only grandmother Audie has returned in a new video uploaded today showing off her unboxing and opening a brand new Animal Crossing… While it's not 100 per cent confirmed, Audie is a pretty unusual name, so it seems … Related: Animal Crossing Finally Makes Eating Useful. Her English name may originate from Audrey Buchanan, an 87-year-old grandmother of the game designer Paul Hubans with 3,500+ hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and called her player character Audie. Wolf Audie is a peppy villager whose upbeat and warm personality is a nice (though likely incidental) reflection of the real-world Audrey's passion for Animal Crossing. Her name is significant, as Audie is the username used by Audrey when playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It seems as though the game will contain a whopping 383 villagers that could conceivably … Audie is a wolf in Animal Crossing New Horizons who appears to be named after an 88-year-old grandma called Audrey. In a tweet, Paul acknowledged his grandmother's addition to the new Animal Crossing … Although, Audie will be far from the only villager present within Animal Crossing: New Horizons.