Suitable for growing animals under 6 months. As pellets also contain alfalfa, your baby bunny will be in good health. According to Living World, alfalfa hay encourages all your bunny’s natural instincts, including foraging, nibbling, and burrowing. and he should litter box train himself. For the first months of their life, a rabbit will enjoy the protein in this hay. Alfalfa hay is fine, as that is what most rabbit pellets are made from. Adult rabbits mainly need a high quality fiber in their diet and therefore timothy hay is a better option than alfalfa hay. Alfalfa hay is a legume hay where as timothy hay and meadow hay are grass hay’s. Alfalfa Hay, mixed with any other Oxbow grass hay, creates a rich, flavourful and nutritious treat. Rabbits like to be clean. ---For baby bunnies, or nursing rabbits--- Bring your empty sack back for a $1 off your next purchase! Even though alfalfa hay is good for baby rabbits, it shouldn’t be all they have. Once an animal reaches adulthood or completes recovery, this nutritious forage should be replaced with a grass hay. Each sack is breathable and reusable. Alfalfa (Lucerne), a legume not grass, is also grown as animal feed. Rabbits are known for their rapid absorption of calcium in their bodies, as they have a unique calcium metabolic system which can lead to excesses when they’re fed too much Alfalfa hay. Rounding off the list, we’ve got another alfalfa hay, which is a dietary staple much more suited to young, fast-growing rabbits. Hay. The thing with alfalfa hay is that it is high in calcium and protein which rabbits can eat but not in large amounts. Alfalfa hay has a higher content of calcium and protein while timothy hay is higher in fiber content. Also, provide him with a separate litter box (but don't use cat litter in it!!!) Aim for a ratio of around 60:40, mixing alfalfa … Yes! He will eat the hay. Alfalfa hay is ideal for baby rabbits. Rabbits can eat alfalfa hay but they are better off with a diet that mainly consists of grass hay such as timothy hay. One negative effect of this is that the rabbit in cause might develop urinary stones as their system is … This means they can’t eat large amounts of alfalfa hay … Most rabbits find it very tasty so it's a good choice if your rabbit's a reluctant hay eater. Alfalfa Hay For Rabbits. It is best-suited for small breeds of rabbits, as well as young kits, as it plays a large role in the development of bones & muscle mass. I would recommend Timothy hay, though, for some variety in his diet. --Hay Sack--Alfalfa Hay $12 per sack, $10.00 per sack for bulk orders (more than 4 sacks)--- Hay is kept in bales until ordered for ultimate freshness. Why Alfafa hay isn’t good for adult rabbits. Suitable for Rabbits… ALFALFA HAY: Alfalfa is the hay with the most calcium and protein content, but is low in fiber. Alfalfa Hay.