AKG D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone. Ease of use and sound; The placement of the microphone is fairly simple. Initial impressions; Senn 835s are good. A supercardioid polar pattern guarantees the utmost gain before feedback at a extremely high sound pressure level (SPL), and helps vocals cut through the mix more easily. I myself feel a bit neutral about it, it served me 'well' the 2 years I spent with it and that's all. Great on Banjo and Dobro. Wow, a lot of people seem to dislike these. This sounds like it would be pretty cheesy: they have a large format element in front, and a small-format element in back that they subtract from the front. Dont mind them on Overheads. AKG condenser mics are the pinnacle of sensitivity and detail, delivering astounding sound in the studio or on stage Not spectacular but quite usable I think. I just got a pair of R121's but my guitar player hasn't been around to try them. Unfortunately AKG has supremely confused matters by not changing the name. They were revered? d224e When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I only found one acoustic guitar that it sounded good on at it wasn't mine. I had believed the hype at the time - what an idiot. We were all surprised at how much high freq detail they picked up at that great of a distance. The placement of the microphone is fairly simple. Link AKG Audio on Tumbler. It gives a bit of an odd frequency response that you can hear in a studio environment, what with two elements of different types interacting. There is to my ears something boxy going on in the mids, though. They sounded more "expensive" than they were, and everyone was quite happy with the way the recording came out. The D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone is a handheld dynamic microphone that is ideal for lead vocals. The top end on this mic can be a little brittle, if paired with the wrong source, or if too much eq is applied. Don't go there. So it was with this mic. I dont think the C1000's are that bad at all. I tried my fave combo, a DPA 4061 inside the body for a big darkness, and the C3000 outside the hole to complement. Perhaps it is not only hard, but extremely difficult, placing these mics and, in particular, finding the sweet spot of it. I did try it a pair of them as overheads once as an experiment but was pretty unimpressed. It's an Austrian made ear-ice-pick painted black. The only instrument I used it for once with good result was a Dobro. The switchable bass rolloff is also helpful for live work. All positive reviews › Jack H. Chandelier. I dislike the sound of this AKG C3000 mic just as much as I dislike the sound of nails on a blackboard and even more than forks and knives scratching on a plate! It's an overpriced piece of crap. Gift Guide. For $20, it sounds pretty good to me. All positive reviews › Jack H. Chandelier. AKG Acoustics warrants AKG products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of original purchase, and agrees to repair or, at our option replace any defective unit without charge for either parts or labor. ...or you could throw them at someone you don't like. Black housing. Where these really excel is they have a supercardioid mode. A supercardioid polar pattern guarantees the utmost gain before feedback at a extremely high sound pressure level (SPL), and helps vocals cut … We ended up spot miking several things with the dynamics, and used these 3000's as a spaced pair at stage front, and I have to say they did a pretty decent job of capturing what went down accurately enough. Write a review. AKG's original C1000S microphone was launched way back in the mid-1980s, when existing capacitor mics were still too expensive for the majority of home recording enthusiasts to even contemplate owning one. These were my first pair of LDCs --both gone now, which will tell some of the story though not necessarily all of it. I have a 2 mic bracket mounted to the peak of the cathedral ceiling in my big room and occasionally throw them up there for room mics. Registered Office - Suite 19, Maple Court, Grove Park, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 3LW. I've used this mic pretty often for female vocals (mainly rough but sometimes ended up using as final on a track), for acoustic and electric guitars, distant mic for trumpet and for viola and cello. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2018. Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2018. The back-electret C1000S gave that early generation of recording musicians a taste of the capacitor microphone sound. by AKG. I tried the C3000 on different sources. Guess not!!! I have the inner foam taken out, which seems to improve it a bit. i found one really cheap local and wondered if it was worth it. Not really a beauty. I have 2 and can't give them away. Small diaphragms, but accurate and cheap. I asked a while ago what to do with these. 0 Own It. Top positive review. Add to Wish List. When I bought my first SM57, I could have kicked myself for putting up with all that crap. Ease of use and sound;