Less noise, better SNR. … akg (2) c414 akg d112 akg solidtube audio technica at/4033 beyerdynamic m 422 electro-voice re-20 neumann km 184 neumann km 185 neumann tlm 193 blue baby bottle sennheiser (3) md 421 shure … Coles 4038. Audix D6 ... AKG D112 Audix D6. Easier. Presets for commonly used studio techniques. Share Quote. 28th July 2009 #15. akg d112 - similar to audix but not as good beta 51 - similar to audix but not so scooped cab 412 - cheap ... SM7 for vox, gtr/bass cab, snr, floor, HH. Beyerdynamic M380N. B52 for kick and bass cab. akg d112 on kick, sm57 on snare top, some small condenser on snare bottom, akg 451 on overheads and hat, and sennheiser 421 on toms and you're set just my 2 cents chris p.s. Benmrx. AKG D112 AKG D12E Senn MD421 - M setting Audix D2 Shure Beta52A EV PL-20 - Flat EV RE27 - All settings flat Shure Beta91 All were recorded with the 91 inside, mics on stand sent to L, 91 … of course … ... AKG D12 AKG D112. IRs sit better in the mix. I never warmed up to the d112 … Mix ready.