Architects are given the upper hand because it is their documentation. Rather than having to carry around a set of physical documents, all of this information is in one space, at the click of a button. The reason you store materials is to create a smooth and undisturbed project. With the process being more accessible and simplified, you can take the focus off catching up on billing. These Mistakes are common due to the intricacy and lack of explanation in AIA G702 and G703 forms, and the result of delayed payment can drastically affect your client and subcontractor relations. To avoid parts of the project not being completed or being done inadequately there is a percentage of the contract, around 5 -10 percent that is not paid out until the project is completed. This relationship is not one that is necessarily desired, but it works. You can focus on building, not billing. We highly advise general contractors to hire a lawyer to review the AIA billing contract. Software companies such as Flashtract have perfected the automation of free AIA G702 and G703 forms by making them completely excel based and spoken in your language. The AIA has more power than the contractors. For pricing, you have the option to buy access to all 107 documents. It is important to note what your company is looking for in a construction payment software. Construction payment software uses software integration. This allows contractors and all players in the billing process to easily review and approve work in one system. The Value in Construction Payment Software For example, there are packages designated for design-builders, subcontractors, and consultants. This takes away extra, tedious steps for you and your team allowing more focus elsewhere, because time IS money. Many construction payment software companies integrate with other complementary software such as AIA integration. There are several forms used in the process. Contractor billing software will revolutionize the way you do business. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty penny for some paper. Contractors unknowingly accept the biased language of these documents which reduces the risk for the architect and owner. Each year billions are lost due to slow error-filled payments. This relationship obviously has some rough parts to it, but the premise is…it works. There seems to be no other option, so you go for it. For general contractors, it takes a level of learning and time to properly fill out these documents. This helps reduce mistakes made while filling out the documents and allows you to better communicate with your team and all parties involved during the billing process. We want your company to focus on building, not billing. 3. Many companies, including the AIA, have begun placing primitive versions of automated AIA G702 and G703 forms online to try and combat the issues of human error and the amount of time they take to complete. 4. several construction-based associations, including the Associated General Contractors of America and The American Subcontractors Association, helped develop a set of industry-accepted contracts. General contractors have sought the need for a billing system that speaks their language, so documents and construction payment software have been created to meet these needs. The chefs are going to be less motivated to fix this issue as they have already been paid in full. 3. Stored materials are purchased early in the construction project process, but not needed for use just yet. AIA-style billing Filling out the AIA-style G702 and G703 application for payment forms can be a painful process. Well, lucky for you, there is contractor billing software that will assist you every step of the way in the construction payment process. Developed by construction professional. Think how simple it would be to bypass this treacherous process and have it laid out for you completely online. These documents are not necessarily contractor-friendly. Construction payment software companies design the documents to be readable for you. Here are a few advantages of construction payment software…. This also allows you to instantly give any party involved asses to the documents when needed. 3. By having all your documents stored in a cloud-based software, you will always have control of your documents wherever you are. Automatically Generate Quick, Accurate Billing Information Following Standard AIA® G-702/G-703 Format... by Extending the Power of QuickBooks! After all, that is your profession. Software companies such as Flashtract have perfected the automation of free AIA G702 and G703 forms by making them completely excel based and spoken in your language. In one completely digitalized space, construction payment management software will assist construction companies throughout the entire billing process. What specific areas of the billing process is slowing me down? Using G702 and G703 forms can be not so nice on the wallet. Any minor error could result in disapproval from the architect or owner and cause the general contractor to start all over.