Over the years, it has had many adaptations. Give the class the chance to monitor and decide if they’re in the correct family. It also ends with a happy ending like the original cinderella. there are many similarities in this story as compared to the classic, such as her mother passes away, her father remarries, and there’s an evil stepmother and stepsisters. She also took horseback riding lessons for six weeks. Attending this fiesta will soon change her life and she will meet her true love. Suitable for Ages: 5-8. However, when the handsome Javier Gordillo has a homecoming party, Esperanza secretly returns to Adelita’s house and prepares her to go to the party. It tells the arrival of a child to a new school. The housekeeper makes sure that the girl has something to wear to the party to honor a wealthy family's son name Javier. Francisco is delighted by the news. Yet as Adelita becomes more adept in the kitchen, Senora de la Fortuna decides to cut corners, fire Esperanza, and make Adelita into the full time cook and maid. He marries Doña Micaela, who was a widow with two older daughters (Valentina and Dulce) who were close in age as Adelita. The ending is. I love that the author elimanated the "magic" from original cinderella into a more realistic fairytale. I also really like that instead of her having a fairy god mother she has a Esperanza which is basically a nanny whom looked after her mom and then looked after Adelita once her mother dies. I really loved that aspect of this version! The grandma is a crucial character because she is the mentor that guides Elsa on a path that help her understand the world and helps her cope with her problems such as the her parents Divorce and not being accepted for her unique self by her classmates. Adelita, published in September of 2002, is rich with the Esperanza is happy to help. Rubrics are very important in the self-assessment process. One idea would be to do a retelling of the story. The illustrations are classic Tomie dePaola with crisp lines and brig. Gelatinas Tricolor de Adelitas y muñequitos - Duration: 5:33. I enjoyed reading this book because they modified it to the mexican culture. She marveled at the occasional paired text of English and Spanish! Tomie dePaola (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la) was best known for his books for children. With the rebozo in place of a glass slipper, this favorite fairy tale takes a delightful twist. What people are saying - Write a review. Her desire and curiosity to feel like a woman, to feel like a naughty little princess provokes her to sneak into her parents’ room the day parents are out of the home. Adelita can also be used to introduce an art lesson on complimentary colors. The book uses Spanish phrases throughout the book and even translates it for non-Spanish speakers. The drama notes, “Annie repeats the letters, and Helen interrupts he fingers in the middle, felling each of them, puzzled. There lived a gorgeous girl named Adelita who lost her mother and father. The story is very similar to the Disney Cinderella story, but it is more realistic. Adelita: A Mexican Cinderella story. The only differences are a few key details (no glass slipper, no carriage, etc…) and the names and details are changed to reflect the Mexican setting. I love the pictures and it went very well with the story. However, in this Mexican story the twist is that Javier is looking for the identity of his wife with a rebozo-shawl. by Puffin Books. He decides to call for Esperanza, his nana, the lady who take care of him since he was born, so that Esperanza can take care of Adela, the baby, and the house. She marveled at the occasional paired text of English and Spanish! The Cinderella in this story is named Adelita and she is a humble maiden who is orphaned and then forced to work as a servant to her stepmother and two stepsisters. ( 2002). The ending is touching and story also brings a connection from the original Cinderella story. The story known as Cinderella has more known variants than any other folktale. I would read this in a 3rd-4th grade classroom in order to expose my students to Spanish vocabulary! I am a big fan of Better World Books. So begins the age-old tale of a kind-hearted young woman, her jealous stepmother, two hateful stepsisters, and a young man in search of a wife. The author explicitly states that she wrote with the intended audience of literacy teachers who work with teenagers and teach them critical literacies for social justice as well as teach them to challenge the status quo, She does this through explaining the roles the female characters were given and how they fought to be treated as equal. In this story is about a little girl that her mother passes away shortly after she was born and a few years later her father remarries and passes away as well. After her father dies, Adelita is left to live with her stepmother and stepsisters. It is a folklore genre book and I would recommend it for grades K-4. Adelita dances and talks to the prince all night but has to leave shortly because she doesn't want to tell him who she is, "he is a prince and I am a maid". It is important to analyze the significance of the grandmother and how she impacts Elsa perception of life and provides momentum to the story. This could also be used as a way to begin learning Spanish Vocabulary, and find more books with the same type of integration in order for my students to get more exposure to another language! I enjoyed reading this book because they modified it to the mexican culture. In 3rd grade students learn about comparing in contrasting. Pulitzer Prize–winning literary critic Michiko Kakutani, the former chief book critic of The New York Times, is the author of the newly... Hace mucho tiempo?a long time ago?there lived a beautiful young woman named Adelita. I liked how there was no magic involved and Cinderella had to use her wits and the help of her godmother (I'm assuming that was what she was). The art is perfect. I would probably recommend, especially if you were a fan of fairytale retellings. This book would be considered a folklore and would be so amazing to have in classroom for students that are in upper grades but are English language learners. Adelita is a Mexican Cinderella Story with a very thoughtful and kind ending. Hace mucho tiempo?a long time ago?there lived a beautiful young woman named Adelita. She is left with her stepmother, two stepsisters and Esperanza the maid. He seeks to find her but without a traces he goes knocking to every door. He brings in his old nanny to help with the house chores and Adelita. This is a WOW book for me because Cinderella was always my favorite story as a child, and I have recently become more inclined to try reading books in Spanish. She begins to wonder how far she has fallen and attempts calculating the exact distance away from the centre of the Earth she is; “let me see: that would be four thousand miles down, I think […] but then I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I’ve got to?” While latitude and longitude are not typically capitalised, this literary decision often subsumed into works by this author makes the words more apparent and places emphasis on them as their grammar is odd and more easily spotted by readers. This is a unique approach as other sources only focus on how the female characters are oppressed and subjected to stereotype rather than explain they they fought to be equal.This will play into the main characters section of my literature review.