Single Digit Addition Worksheet For Grade 1. Grade 1 addition worksheets. This page has resources for teaching addition with 4 and 5-digit numbers. They are competent in ordering numbers on a number line. You will find here a large collection of free printable addition worksheets, puzzles and games for all grades. A collection of grade 1 worksheets here encompass problems involving addition and subtraction. These math worksheets start with simple addition using pictures or number lines followed by one-digit math facts and then progress through number bonds, adding doubles, missing addends, adding whole tens and adding in columns. Includes math riddles, a magic digit game, math crossword puzzles, and column addition worksheets. You can set a range of numbers for both addends and set the maximum sum for the result. Explore all the printable worksheet generators for your students. Addition, subtraction, place value, and logic games that boost first grade math skills. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please contact me and I will have a look what I can do for you. 4 and 5-Digit Addition. Worksheets > Math > Grade 1 > Addition. These printable worksheets and games have addition problems with 3-digit addends. The page creates a single digit addition worksheet in a vertical problem format. Level: 2nd grade, 3rd Grade. You can have up to 36 addition problems per worksheet. It is highly adjustable to the needs of your students. No regrouping is included in our grade 1 exercises. Simple word problems are also included. In the first 2-3 years of schooling, a child develops skills of identification and counting numbers till 100. Addition Worksheets and Games. WOW! Basic measurement like measures of length and time are given here. English grammar, addition, subtraction, telling time, syllables, sentences, parts of speach, place value, and more! Approx. 500,000+ pages of FREE first grade worksheets, grade 1 games, & hands-on activities to make learning FUN! Download, print pdf file, and learn at home! Grade 1 Math Addition games . Ample worksheets on wanting sequence upto 200 and place value worksheets give children a clear understanding of numbers. Create your Single Digit Addition Worksheet. Welcome to the Addition Worksheets and Math Games. 1st grade math games for free.