Basic research vs. action research 1. I am thinking of conducting a similar research on absenteeism next school year. By Mark Anthony Llego / DepEd Resources / Leave a Comment. is a platform for academics to share research papers. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BASIC RESEARCH AND ACTION RESEARCH CRITERIA BASIC RESEARCH ACTION RESEARCH Objectives Develop and test educational theory and derive generalizations Ti find solutions to problems in a specific context Training Intensive Training is needed in research methodology Limited training is needed Selection of a problem A wide … Action Research Format-Deped - Free download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free. Deped format for action research 2020 DepEd Action Research Topics and Sample Titles. lorenmurcia (author) on November 30, 2014: By all means :) Thank you for publishing your action research, this makes this action research simpler. I am a teacher from PH too and I want to conduct an action research on my grade 8 students. school, classroom, office). Hello Loren! Action Research is an applied scholarly paradigm resulting in action for a specific context offering faculty immediate payback by improving his or her own teaching and providing explicit documentation for meeting their educational responsibilities as required by AACSB standards. Relevance is guaranteed because the focus of each research project is determined by the researchers, who are also the primary consumers of the findings. What Action Research Is and Is Not What it is… What it is not… •A process that improves education through change •Problem-solving •Collaborative •Doing research on or about people •Cyclical •Linear •Practical and relevant •Conclusive •Within the context of teacher’s environment •Generalizing to larger populations •How we can Action research has this positive effect for many reasons. Obviously, the most important is that action research is always relevant to the participants. DepEd Action Research is a process of systematic, reflective inquiry to improve educational practices or resolve problems in any operating unit (i.e. Thank you so much.