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Branch Manager: harnold@acecourier.ca Driver: Staff listing & Contacts Sarah Nadeau Karrie Smith Cindy Pickering 1095 Murray Drive Courtenay. Address: Branch # 22 Administration: Branch # 20 Sales: pentictonbilling@acecourier.ca mkryschuk@acecourier.ca Manager: cranbrookadmin@acecourier.ca Cranbrook Quesnel Address:   Accounts Receivable: Warehouse: Shauna Rempel Branch # 14-1 Csirois@acecouier.ca, Dispatch: Medicine Hat Alberta Staff listing & Contacts Grand Forks Lianne Buffie V1C 2J4 415-487-9667. dnemeth@acecourier.ca Branch Operations: rpenner@acecourier.ca Csirois@acecouier.ca Driver: epickering@acecourier.ca Salt Spring Island Operations Manager: harnold@acecourier.ca calgarydispatch@acecourier.ca Address: Ace Courier Express. Mindy Willson dbutler@acecourier.ca Contact Us. 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Grand Forks, BC Tamara Debalinhard Victoria, BC Staff listing & Contacts Scott Smith Christie Larson Fax: 250-392-3835 Raj Chand V9L 6W2 V2A 3H4 We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service, offering flexible delivery scheduling 24/7. Whether you are a business owner or a busy mom, life can be very fast-paced and hectic. Grand Forks, BC drobertson@acecourier.ca V2G 4K8, Staff listing & Contacts ksmith@acecourier.ca, Address: Quesnel, BC Dispatch:   Administration Address: cpeterson@acecourier.ca Pgdispatch@acecourier.ca, Administration: 1505 4th St North esunley@acecourier.ca Dispatch Branch # 17-1 Operations Manager Lianne Buffie Hans Arnold 133 Mcphillips Ave. 775 Laval Crescent Fax: Dispatch: Rianna Nikkel Staff listing & Contacts Staff listing & Contacts T6E 5P7, Staff listing & Contacts ACE Courier Pvt Ltd Customer Support:- Contact Phone Number: 079 – 26466469 Email: info@acecourier.in Headquarters Address: 106, Ashman Building, 6, Kalpana Society, Off C G Road, B/h Ganesh Plaza, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009, India Victoria BC, V8R 6N3 rnikkel@acecourier.ca geaster@acecourier.ca Bruno Gagno Staff listing & Contacts Phone: 250-395-1119   Williams Lake, BC #5 31059 Peardonville victoriaaccounts@acecourier.ca Administration Fax: Fax: 403-527-3841 Bay 2&3, 7957 Edgar Industrial Way, Red Deer, AB Jeremy Briand Ben Eskildsen General Email: Csirois@acecouier.ca Grand Forks Address: Bruce Baldini Operations Manager: #5 31059 Peardonville Cranbrook Branch # 16-1 Phone: 250-442-7356 Administration duncan@acecourier.ca Keeping your world moving! Branch # 13 Margaret Carter Dispatch: Phone: 403-527-7466   Administration:   Quesnel Staff listing & Contacts Melisa Bailey Dispatch victoriadispatch@acecourier.ca Branch 15 T1H 5E5 T4P 3R2, Staff listing & Contacts Admin   Fax: 250-426-2634 Melony Kryschuk Phone: 250-395-1119 1218 Cariboo Hwy North Operations: Penticton, BC Branch # 14-1 Duncan Allan Coutts Fax: 604-855-5362 dmccully@acecourier.ca Branch Operations: Address: Staff listing & Contacts Lethbridge, Alberta mferris@acecourier.ca, Address: 1218 Cariboo Hwy North Branch and Sales Manager: General Email: Mike Soniff, Administration: Peggy Klapstein     rpenner@acecourier.ca Branch # 17-1 Fax: 250-537-4699 Branch # 20 Tammy Ferrier Branch # 18-2 Dave Nemeth Surrey, BC Branch Operations: Elgin Pickering V0K 2E0 Mindy Willson calgary@acecourier.ca Staff listing & Contacts Dispatch: Branch # 11-1 Quesnel Address: srempel@acecourier.ca, Sales V9N 7S7 Grand Forks, BC rchand@acecourier.ca, Address: Branch # 18-2 Phone: 250-442-7356 jbriand@acecourier.ca, Address: cranbrookadmin@acecourier.ca, Address: V0K 2E0 duncan@acecourier.ca Cranbrook, BC Phone: 250-475-2022 Branch # 7-1 2998 Kilpatrick ave. 7B Phone: 250-426-2601 Branch Manager:   5422 Hartway Dr. V0H 1H0 Vernon BC   Branch # 19 Karrie Smith Fax: Address: Duncan Sales Abbotsford, BC Administration Abbotsford jbriand@acecourier.ca Sales: Tamara Debalinhard Phone: 250-475-2022 Duncan, BC Branch # 7 Manager, President & CEO V1N 3Y5 Fax: 250-338-6222 Administration: Driver: cranbrookadmin@acecourier.ca Staff listing & Contacts Dave Butler Melisa Bailey pentictondispatch@acecourier.ca, Address: ksmith@acecourier.ca St. John. 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