[@artist_author@] [@imgupd_date@] [@pick_scan_qty@] [@misc50@] [@templatesearch@] [@handling_time@] [@content_type_name@] Because it’s an 80/20 profile rig it is very customizable. [@approval_pos@] The TR160 has been put through the most harsh treatment and guaranteed to last for years. [@auto_url_update@] [@misc6@] [@templatebody@] The plans may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner. New V2 Black and Colors New V2 Black and Colors. And because 80/20 uses accessible and affordable materials, including t-slots and fasteners, it’s easy to assemble and modify it in the future. items on your wish list. [@misc51@] [@misc20_name@] [@misc28@] [@rating@] [@date_updated@](REF) [@barcode3@] [@misc67@] This tubing comes in many different trade names, Extrusion, 80/20 and profile just to name a few. [@content@](REF) [@misc12@] [@misc65@] The most common type of extrusion used for sim rigs is “t-slot extruded aluminium”. [@in_display_page@] [@misc61@] [@id@](REF) [@filter4@] It features a t-shaped extrusion (most commonly on all sides). [@asset_account@] [@misc4_name@] [@misc7_name@] [@category_subheader@](REF) [@parent_id@](REF) BUILD YOUR OWN 8020 SIM RIG. [@ref@] [@single_price@] [@format@] [@misc22_name@] [@primary_warehouse_id@] [@category_id@](REF) [@content_short_description2@] [@misc13@] [@internal_note@] [@multiplier_qty_start@] [@misc63@] [@restock_quantity@] [@misc70@] For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. [@has_components@] The adjustable mounting points will enable you to mount a large variety of different GT-style seats with side mounting holes. [@min_qty@] The completed or partially completed sim rigs chassis is not permitted to be sold, resold, distributed, mass produced or used in any commercial fashion. [@job_id@] See how 80/20 T-slot profiles allow you to build a rig that is completely tailored to your requirements and space, while also making alterations fast and easy. This allows for the connection of multiple separate lengths of extruded aluminium which can be used to build simple to very complex structures using a nut that slides into the extrusion and securing with a screw. Special anodized black 90-degree brackets connect the frame and laser cut carbon steel plates allow you to attach your peripherals. This bracket is compatible with SimExperience, Lenze, Mige, OSW, SimuCube and more. [@print_label@] [@category_name@](REF) [@sh_type_id@] [@blog_content@](REF) [@misc44@] Racing Simulator Rig. [@misc42@] [@content_name@] [@misc21@] If you have questions about the services we offer, we can help. You can order aluminium profiles, fastening bolts and everything else you need directly from manufacturers such as Motedis or 80/20 Inc to name a few. [@filter7@] 3. [@thumb_1@](CODE) You should be able to save at least 25% by building your own, aluminium extrusion is an inexpensive material. The strength of the TR160 will ensure no flex is experienced and no loss of force feedback, even with the strongest servos on the market. [@free_gifts@] [@misc69@] [@description2@](REF) Depending on your game you'll have an advantage against the worlds most elite drivers. [@misc72@] [@tnc@] Learn why Stephen a racing enthusiast, turned to 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles and parts for his custom racing simulator rig. This bracket is compatible with the following wheels and motors: Contact us if your wheel is not listed here. [@incoming_quantity@] [@swatch@] [@content_label2@] [@parent_inventory_id@] [@content_id@] [@store_price@] The measurement between each rail is approximately 32cm. [@misc29@] [@store_quantity@] In recent years, Extruded aluminium has come into the sim racing space for benefits such as it’s strength, expandability and minimal setup costs for the manufacturer when compared to other simulators on the market like the Trak Racer RS6 and TR8. [@content_fullpath@] [@keywords@] [@misc22@] [@content_external_ref2@] Multi-brand applications for various seat brands, including Trak Racer, Cobra, OMP, Sparco and Corbeau seats to name a few. [@misc43@] If you cant find the mount from Trak Racer you need, find it elsewhere as the system used is universal. [@content_type_code@] We include seat brackets and a dual-lock slide system to adjust your seating position within a matter of seconds and the dual locking mechanism will ensure that the seat doesn’t move under heavy braking. [@build_quantity@] [@cogs_account@] [@stockpriceupd_date@]