I bought the flat string just for a personnal taste, you can buy a set of roundwounds in kalium strings for like 22 or 25 bucks. By stabilizing the bridge, does this mean the vibrato no longer works? 1. :). Bone saddle for classical guitar, 3-3/16" x 3/32" x 3/8". On the standard bridge the saddle adjusting screws can often vibrate loose and even fall out, this will not happen with the Staytrem bridge… Liquid error (product-badge line 32): -Infinity, BP-1000 Schaller Retro Tremolo Arm for Floyd Rose®, BS-0254 Compensated Bone Saddle for Acoustic, GB-0525 Gotoh Tunematic Bridge with Large Holes, BS-0243 Radiused Bone Saddle for Acoustic, BP-2321 Tremolo Arm for Mexican Guitar Bridges, BP-2327 Wilkinson Compensated Brass Saddle Set for Telecaster®, GB-0590 Schaller STM Adjustable Roller Tunermatic, TB-0030 Gotoh GTC202 Bridge for Telecaster®, GB-0596 Roller Tunematic with Large Holes, SB-0202 Gotoh VT100 Vintage-style Tremolo, BP-2333 Narrow Bridge Saddles for Stratocaster®, GB-0501 Compensated Bridge and Base for Archtop, BS-0267 Compensated Bone Saddle for Gibson® Guitars, BP-0114 Saddle Block Inserts for Floyd Rose® Tremolo, BS-0269 Compensated Bone Saddle for Taylor Guitars, BS-2246 Unbleached Vintage-style Acoustic Bone Saddle, BP-0271 6mm Trem Arm with White Tip for Imports, BB-3351 4-String Grooved Omega Bass® Bridge, BP-0855 Slotted Dotted Bridge and End Pins, TB-5129 Wilkinson Staggered Saddle Bridge for Telecaster®, BP-0535 ABR-style Tunematic Bridge Saddles, SB-5115 Gotoh Non-Tremolo Bridge with Steel Saddles, TB-5125 Vintage-style Compensated Saddle Bridge for Telecaster®, BP-0653 Buzz Stop Roller for Jazzmaster® and Jaguar®, GB-0540 Schaller Nashville Tunematic Bridge, BB-0310 Bridge for Precision and Jazz Bass®. Unfinished rosewood with nickel adjustment wheels. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes”, I've seen people put these brass pipe things in the hole the bridge sits in to close it off and lock the bridge. Free shipping. $54.99. Bass bridge, with screws, for Fender®, 2-1/4" string spacing. Bone saddle for acoustic guitar, radiused top, 3" x 7/64" x 3/8". Now I have so much more tension on the strings and was easily able to get it intonated finally. ... Hipshot KickAss 5 String Bass Bridge … Schaller GTM #45060 Nashville tunematic, with hardware, 2-1/16" string, 2-29/32" post spacing. no dot. I use a Kalium .102 low E string, flipped the bridge, stabilised the bridge using electrical tape (rolled around the posts 10-12 times) and swapped the tailpiece with a Fender VM Jaguar one (for the locking button). I had the worst time trying to intonate my squier bass vi. Fender 099-4407-000 HiMass 4-String Bass Bridge Assembly with Zinc Saddles. Wikipedia: After reading it online and asking a friend that does some work as a guitar tech I decided to try to resolve this myself. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Bone saddle extra-long, 4" x 3/32" x 15/32". Omega Bass® 4-string bass bridge, 2-1/4” string spacing, with mounting screws. 6. Now i feel my bass sings and feels much better. Gotoh VT100 vintage style tremolo, short drilled steel block, with hardware, 2-3/16" string spacing . In addition to WD®'s own catalog of replacement bass bridges and tailpieces, we also stock a large variety of bass bridges from industry favorite brands like Kluson®, Wilkinson® Gotoh®, and Hipshot®. Cutting the screws works as a stopgap, at least to fix the low E, but StayTrem is the real deal. Since staytrem only ships in the UK, what are my other options? An amazing solution to the rocking bridge is a couple of tuner bushings in the bridge thimbles! Compensated bone saddle for Taylor® guitars 2-13/16” x 1/8” x 3/8”. for Floyd Rose® or Schaller tremolo. 8 String A Style Bass Bridge ... Rickenbacker® Replacement Bridge (Pre 2020) 4 String Vintage Bass Bridge. Double wide bone saddle, 3-1/4" x 1/4" x 7/16". $5.00 shipping. No matter if it's a four string or six string, import or USA, WD® is sure to have the best possible choice for replacing your existing bass bridge … Top load or string-through body. Bridge for Mustang® with mounting cups, Chrome, 2-7/8" post, 2-3/16 string spacing. Tension springs for tremolo arms (4 pcs.). Our steel baseplate 1958 and 1975 bass bridges directly retrofit on early 1958 Precision® Bass guitars or Fender® USA 70's bass models. ... NEW USA Hipshot 41060B 6-String Hardtail Fixed Bridge .125" Floor Height - BLACK. Vintage style 3 saddle steel bridge for Tele®, tilt compensated saddles, 2-3/16" string spacing. $67.95. Chrome finish 4-string aftermarket Music Man® style bass bridge. Omega Bass® bridge, 2-1/4” string spacing, with grooved saddles, with mounting screws. Plastic bridge pins with dot, slotted (50 pcs.). Schaller STM roller tunematic, adjustable string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. Squier bass Vi bridge replacements? Posted by 2 years ago. Th a n k y o u f o r p u r c h a s ni g g e n u ni e peavey ® p r o d u c T s! Fender 099-0843 Pure Vintage '52 Telecaster Saddle Kit (3) 12. Roller tunematic, with hardware, 2-1/16" string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. String spacing is the same as the standard Fender Bass VI bridge. Tremolo arm with white tip, Gotoh, fits USA tremolo (10-32). For replacement saddles compatible with this bridge and the Leo Qua... View full details % GB-0595 Roller Tunematic from $25.00 . The bridge utilizes a patented ramp system that allows for precise adjustments and maximizes the transfer of string-to-body vibrations. In early 2019 we introduced our new High Mass bass bridge … Bone saddle for acoustic guitar, 4-1/8" x 1/8" x 7/16". Mastery may be good, but that $175 price tag is ridiculous compared to Staytrem. Gotoh non-tremolo bridge, with steel saddles, with screws, 2-1/16" string spacing. Bridge saddles (set of 6) narrow spacing, w/springs & screws for Strat®, 2-1/16" spacing. Buzz Stop roller attachment for Jaguar® and Jazzmaster® tremolos, chrome. Fender 099-0807 American Standard Telecaster Bridge … For replacement saddles compatible with this bridge and the... Bridge pin set, slotted (6 pcs.) Pin, large clamp, and small clamp options. Unbleached "Vintage" bone saddle for acoustic guitar, 4-1/8" x 1/8" x 3/8". Genuine Hipshot Ibanez Flat Plate replacement Bridge 6 String Black 4IBF06B. Ebony bridge pin set, slotted (6 pcs. Compensated bone saddle for acoustic guitar, radiused top 3" x 7/64" x 11/32. Omega Bass® 4-string bass bridge, 2-1/4” string spacing, with mounting screws. For this reason we will no longer be shipping world wide and will only be accepting orders from UK buyers. Overall String spacing = 2-1/4" (57mm). 6 String Guitars; 7 String Guitars; 8 String Guitars; 9 String Guitars; 10 String Guitars; 12 String Guitars; Left Handed Guitars; Multi-Scale (Fan Fret) Guitars; Hollow and Semi Hollow Guitars; Baritone Guitars; Beginner Packages; Bass Guitars. In early 2019 we introduced our new High Mass bass bridge which uses the same original 5 mounting screw locations and is a no-modification installation for USA Fender® Jazz® and Precision® basses Bridge saddle block inserts (6 pcs.) I really hope another manufacturer picks up the ball on this. WD® carries only the highest quality replacement bass bridges and tailpieces. The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge was designed to achieve the benefits of a single solid piece, but also to be fully adjustable for each individual player. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Bass_VI Schaller RT series Retro-Trem arm system for Floyd Rose® or Schaller locking tremolo. Gotoh tunematic, with hardware, 2-1/16" string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. I bought a pair of brass sleeve bearings from "grainger" (1/4" inside diameter X 5/16" outside diameter) to lock the bridge.