The tension between the gear and the worm makes a difference. With just a week left before the annual winter NAMM show kicks off out in Anaheim this year, big and boutique brands alike have been making exciting announcements about the new gear we can expect to see this year. Please refresh the page and try again. The weight of the tuning pegs makes a difference. The 22-fret neck was shorter and therefore stiffer, and these changes to the acoustic voice were enhanced by new, more vintage-aimed McCarty covered humbuckers and a more classic electronics circuit that installed a three-way Gibson-style toggle instead of the polarising five-way rotary switch of the early guitars. You will receive a verification email shortly. Using your volume and tone isn’t essential, but it’s the key to a treasure trove of voices. All rights reserved. If you like the airier sounds of what we’d class as PAF-style pickups, the McCarty should be on your radar, but although the 594 might chase that aim a little more closely, the scale length and the wrapover bridge here, not to mention the master volume and tone setup, all add their own spice to make the McCarty much broader than just a vintage-chasing clone. The pull-switch on the tone control operates the simultaneous partial split (voicing primarily the humbuckers’ screw coils) with a 2.2kohms resistor from the bridge pickup’s split wire to ground and 1.1k on the neck pickup. But what does that actually mean? PRS Mccarty 594 : Comprehensive Owner Review in 2020 - YouTube This build is exclusive to Core 594 models and these 2020 S2 594s. The all-new S2 McCarty 594 Thinline features a thinner, one-piece, all-mahogany body and a Pattern Thin neck shape. The versatility from its pickup switching alone is fairly dramatic in that the single-coil voices combine an almost Tele-like nasality at the bridge with a clear, defined but not over-sharp neck pickup. It’s always been a Guitarist favourite and unquestionably still is. Visit our corporate site. PRS Unveils 3 New S2 McCarty 594 Models | NAMM 2020. The 594 … And now there's a new model in single and doublecut styles. PRS McCarty 594 If your ideal guitar is a 1950s and '60s Les Paul but you can't afford a vintage one and, anyway, want something that has more modern playability and intonation, PRS's McCarty series could be the very thing. The humbucking mode, of course, ups the beef, and don’t think these are in any way underpowered. Thanks Folks #1 Frank Luke, Jul 5, 2020. The 58/15 "S" seems to be similar in sound to maybe a Gibson Classic '57. Setup is very consistent across all the guitars we have on review – very little relief, with string height set bang on 1.6mm on both treble and bass sides. Ted McCarty looms large in the early history of PRS Guitars: he was the Gibson president during its halcyon days who, in the words of Paul Reed Smith, “downloaded the hard disk” on how they made guitars back then. Because there's no vibrato, PRS can go full-on vintage here and … The 594 and 594 Singlecut are maple-topped with a Pattern Vintage neck shape, while the 594 Thinline features a thinner, all-mahogany, one-piece body and Pattern Thin neck shape. While the pre-intonated Stoptail bridge dates back to 1991, this contemporary version, as used on the Core and SE Paul’s Guitar, features small brass inserts under each string. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. Both have PRS’s partial-splits, which primarily voice the screw coils. There’s a very standard PRS circuit that’s used on the majority of the company’s two-control guitars. It’s nitrocellulose lacquer mixed with Plexiglas. The guitar sustains longer and the tone has more character,” said Paul Reed Smith. Over the years, the player’s favourite dropped in and out of production, but it returned recently in 2016, and for 2020 it has a subtle refresh that brings it bang up to date. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The 58/15 ‘LT’ humbuckers both have the same output; the standard set has a hotter bridge pickup. The final piece of this 2020 McCarty puzzle is a new nitro-over-cellulose finish, or NOC, that originally was called CAB. On the tone-side of things, the new S2 McCarty family features 58/15 "S" pickups, which can achieve both authentic humbucking thickness and more nuanced single-coil precision at the player's discretion, and dual volume and push/pull tone controls. © Published Jan 07, 2020 by Reverb. These two-piece bird inlays have a green ripple abalone centre with vintage ivory acrylic edges. This is the first time the company has offered a McCarty model—named after Ted McCarty, the former Gibson executive who became a mentor and collaborator to Paul Reed Smith—outside of its private stock and core lines, offering more affordable, mid-level options to players. Back in 1994, although still based on the now-classic PRS double-cut outline, the McCarty Model’s body, specifically the mahogany back, was increased in depth by approximating 3mm (1/8-inch) to just over 52mm, a change that we see on all PRS Core guitars today, with the exception of the 49mm-thick Custom. Tahlee Tollywood Rhode Island. Today’s McCarty follows that blueprint, but obviously includes all the tone-enhancing tweaks we’ve seen in the past couple of decades. The S2 McCarthy models are available for pre-order now, right here on Reverb. Thank you for signing up to Guitarist. “It’s simple,” says Paul to clarify. I received a used 2020 PRS S2 McCarty 594 Thinline. “CAB stands for cellulose acetate butyrate. I hear a difference, a beautiful difference. Vintage 25th Anniversary Series V75-SVB, V6H-SVB & V100-SVB review, What you need to know about Gibson 'Dreadnought' Jumbos. The Thinline is the icing on the cake: an all-new model that is handsome, dynamic, and a ton of fun to play.”. PRS McCarty 2020 review Always in the Custom's shadow, the 26-year-old McCarty was PRS’s first ‘vintage-aimed’ model and has been revised for 2020 By Dave Burrluck 08 July 2020 Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.