And what’s the reference on the lizard and sea monster? Although our the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel had LED headlights, Wranglers and other Jeeps with standard halogens have a tiny Willys grille stamped in front of the bulbs. Ram Year: 2017 Engine: Hemi 5.7. It could be a reference to Jeep’s outdoorsy image, but if it keeps herpetophobes from checking their VIN for recalls, here’s good news: You can find that number in a few other places, too. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. Or maybe it's the head of a hammer or a frosty mug of your favorite lager. Jeep held a media introduction for the Jeep Compass near’s Chicago offices, and we found a few. Chevy Equinox: Which Should You Buy, 2020 or 2021? Save cars. I’ll kick it off, saw this on the bottom of the console lid . Most people will miss them, but after reading this article, you’ll always know where to look. Also, a Wrangler drives across the bottom of the center cluster. The 2019 Ram 1500 has a new mild hybrid system, a glorious optional 12-inch touchscreen display, and storage cubbies all over the interior. … Call the Enablers, Prime Mover: Amazon is an Automotive Powerhouse, Detroit Style: 70 Years of Automotive Design. Here’s How Much the 2021 Ford F-150 Costs, GM to Recall 5.9 Million SUV and Pickups for Takata Airbag Inflators: What Owners Should Know. But Jeep aims to create what she calls “swim lanes” for each of its three smallish SUVs in terms of class. With its increased ride height, the Compass can ford up to 19 inches of water, but it would need another 9,437 inches to ford the Loch Ness itself. In June 1940, the United States Army solicited bids from 135 automakers for a light reconnaissance vehicle, one that would be tough enough to last beyond World War II. Only offered on eight-speed automatic Jeep Wranglers, the thick gear knob holds another Willys design element, as seen on other parts inside and out. Some are obvious, others you've probably seen a hundred times without noticing. CARS.COM — These days, Jeep loves its Easter eggs — that is, clever styling cues in unexpected places. Instead, Easter eggs are almost inconspicuous embellishments, such as etchings in the headlights, that are cultural or manufacturing references. Jeep is proud of its age, and in recent years celebrating it has turned into a scavenger hunt. 2017 Dodge Ram Forum. Okay we’re starting to get a few of these new 2019’s, you owners should post a pic of the little Easter eggs your finding, (hidden symbols etc.) Fiat Chrysler has recently added design elements that are more than just rubber or plastic trim. Look closely at the center of the Jeep Wrangler's steering wheel. Morse code proved as vital during World War II as the Willys Jeep itself. Many owners find them by accident, as Jeep has put them in some obscure and even unlikely places such as the headlight housings. The what? If it happens, your answer can be found conveniently riveted to the tailgate. or maybe a "made up easter egg" that ended up being handy in the truck. Check out the 20 we found during our testing of the 260-hp EcoDiesel-powered Jeep Wrangler . We may earn money from the links on this page. Here are 20 we found on a Jeep Renegade. You're wrong. Keep an eye out at the dealership; no doubt there are many more. It has the word “Project” etched below it. Next page. Save Share. You won't find Jeep hiding behind Botox and a nose job in its old years—quite the opposite. Sign Up, Already have an account? Jeep tells us the slots also help disperse heat, and although you would normally call it a coincidence, this was done intentionally to pay homage to a classic. jouart, S0CAL, Bcovish and 2 others like this. You can pretend it's volcanic rock. Easter eggs aren’t just a delicious chocolate treat dished out in order to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday – not that many people think of that when they’re enjoying their sweet treats - but it is also the name given to inside jokes and hidden messages in video games, comic books, movies, and TV shows. Three companies responded: Bantam, Ford, and Willys. More Like a Non-cept, 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Video: Plug and Play. Specs listed for Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited include overall length, wheelbase, water-fording depth and speed, overall width, and track width. First, the center of the lid is filled with a protractor and a graduated scale in both inches and centimeters. Found in a corner of car that's rarely scrutinized, the bottom corner of the passenger side of the windshield, a Willys drives up the frit. This one might make your skin crawl. The interior of the latest-generation Wrangler is one of its biggest improvements. Jeep officials couldn’t provide any immediate answers. Mods list Colt: 2015 Durango SXT Southwest Heat RWD. We’re not talking about finding parts for … Most of these Easter eggs pay homage to the 1917 Willys, the original Jeep. For 2020, Jeep now offers a Willys Edition, built on the Wrangler Sport S, which carries specific features like the Willys hood decal, LED headlights, and a gloss-black sport grille. The reference is a head-scratcher. The redesigned Compass, hitting dealerships now, has its share. Finally, the most unusual Easter Egg in the 2019 Ram 1500 is the underside of the center console lid, which is covered with a collection of high school math information. Here are 24 of them in the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee! If they don’t like wearing their… Find out what they are right here! Thread. White Knuckle (PW7), 220ci Pentastar V6, 845RFE, 3.45 gears (open). In our interview with Ram boss Jim Morrison, he revealed three Easter Eggs on the 2019 Ram 1500. 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid Puts a Premium on Efficiency, On the Hunt for Jeep Renegade Easter Eggs. Maybe this one was done on purpose, or maybe it's just shapes being shapes, but the illuminated outline looks somewhat like a Willys front grille. The redesigned Compass, which is just hitting dealerships now, has its share, too. Related Articles. Turn your Jeep into a scavenger hunt with these Easter eggs. An Easter egg isn’t an actual egg, so jettison the picture of opening a Ford’s glove compartment to find a plastic pink toy filled with candy.