The adjacent writing of words adds … Words like Flock, Crowd and Staff are collective noun examples. 98. waterlog Compound nouns are usually made up of two nouns or an adjective and a noun, but other combinations are also possible, as well. 72. rearrange 1000 unique visitors every day will earn $4 and this is pretty good. 1.a bale of cotton 2.a basket of fruit 3.a batch of bread 4.a battery of guns 5.a bevy of ladies 6.a bevy of ladies 7.a block of flats 8.a board of directors 9.a body of men 10.a body of men 11.a book of notes 12.a bouquet of flowers 13… 57. passbook 59. passkey blackboard: blackberries. 6. airfield You can actually select a minimum bid and also choose a frequency for ads. What is a Compound Noun. Some compound word variants do not look very compatible before they come together. 39. carsick 52. lifeblood (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 25. cardboard 36. carport FOllow the detailed list; 34. carpetbagger 87. taleteller 11.a ream of paper Commander-in-chief 6. 68. rawboned 14. backfire 73. rearward This list of nouns is called compound. In the second sentence, makeup is used as a noun. 2. afternoon A compound noun is a noun consisting of two or more words working together as a single unit to name a person, place, or thing. This list of 100 common nouns in English was selected from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) by Brigham Young University. The rule to be careful here is the following: Hyphens cannot be placed between words here. upend: blacktop: whitecap: whitefish: whitewall: whitewash: friendship: pancake: daytime: upbringing: upbeat: upcoming: repairman: firefighter: standby. 91. toolbox 24. cannot 1. upwind: … Here is most important 100 examples of collective nouns; 1.a heap of rubbish. 51. handgun 8.a pair of shoes. upwind: … blackbird. There are lots of collective nouns. 22. candlelight 15. became teenager: carpool. Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. 19. bedclothes 46. counterpoise 100 Examples of Compound Sentences 7. Compound nouns can be combined into one new word (closed form), joined by hyphens (hyphenated form), or joined together … 70. readywitted It takes a little bit of time but the effort is worth it. 23. candlestick 26. cardsharp Biasanya noun yang sering ditemui dalam kalimat dan yang lebih umum berupa noun yang dapat dihitung (countable) maupun yang tidak dapat dihitung ( Uncountable Noun ), Abstract Noun (benda yang tidak dapat dilihat) serta Concrete Noun ( benda yang … Generally, second words that contain descriptive and detailing information are used after the hyphen. Compound Word List # 5: washroom. Examples of 100 Compound Words Types of Compound Words Closed Compounds If at least two words come together and form a single meaning, sometimes these words are written side by side, without any space between them. 92. toothpaste 60. firehouse. 44. countermeasure outfit of clothes. 79. steamboat blackboard: blackberries. 18. bedbug If the compound noun is hyphenated or composed of two separate words, remember to add s only to the word that is plural.. one mother-in-law ⇒ two mothers-in-law (There are two mothers, not two laws.) 100 examples of collective nouns in English. 81. stepson 28. caretaker 89. tapeworm 37. carrack 9.a quiver of arrows. 1. aftermath Asian-American 4. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If at least two words come together and form a single meaning, sometimes these words are written side by side, without any space between them.