They introduced the image of el Angel, which is used today of both Gold Libertads and Silver Libertads. (1.2057 of an Ounce!) Each coin has a face value of 2 Pesos and contains 90% pure gold. The reverse side features the Waling-waling orchid and the … I just want to ask where I can sell all this coins. 5 piso coin and 1 pc. The premier Classic Mexico Gold coin of the early 20th century is the Mexico 50 Peso Gold coin. The Philippine one-peso coin (₱1) coin is the fourth-largest denomination coin of the Philippine peso.. Minted between 1941 and 1972, the Mexico 50 Peso Gold Coins contain 1.2 ounces of pure gold. Sir, I have two pcs. Mexican Gold Coins. The first part is the basic gold value, sometimes called the melt value. Compute this value by looking up the current price of gold on web sites such as, then multiply that value by the weight of gold in your coin: 1 PESO: 0.0476 troy ounces gold 2 PESOS: 0.095 troy ounces gold 4 PESOS: 0.190 troy ounces gold The Mexican 50 Peso coin was minted from 1921 to 1947 but an additional 4 million coins were issued between 1949 and 1972. Mexican Gold Pesos have been a Gold Bullion enthusiasts favorite for years because of their beautiful designs and reasonable trading price. 1 piso coin yr 1907 similar to the coin that was shown in Jessica Soho with the price of 700k. 1 piso coin yr 1972, 2 pcs. Maximilian Coin 14k Yellow Gold Coin Edge Coin Bezel Frame Mount Pendant 10.00mm x 0.53mm $ 46.95 Read more; 10 Peso 14k Yellow Gold Rope Coin Bezel Frame Mount Pendant 22.50mm x 1.40mm $ 172.95 Read more; 10 Peso Bi-Metal 14k Yellow Gold Coin Edge Coin Bezel Frame Mount Pendant 28.02mm x 2.28mm $ 155.95 Add to cart The current version, issued in 2018, features a portrait of Philippine national hero, José Rizal on the obverse. The 2 Peso Mexican Gold Coin was produced by the MexicoCity Mint during the early 1900s and contains .0482 troy ounces of pure gold. The total gold content of the Mexican 50 Peso coin is 1.2057 Troy Ounces and the coins commonly sell for a small premium above the gold contents value. The coins come in a variety of sizes and weights from the 2 peso all the way up to the 50 Peso. 1 piso coin yr 1974, 1pc.