Contact any breeder or trader directly. i want to know about best suited climate for this breed ? Provide fresh and green leaves for your goats so that they can stay healthy. Do you know where to get a Boer goat for sale in America? The following are some of the common physical characteristics of Boer goats: Most Boer goats have brown necks and the rest of the body parts are white in color. The meat of Boer goat is very tasty and nutritious. I am in Zimbabwe and want to start bour goats farming but lack the bour goats source. i am interested in boer goat . We can supply whatever quantity you need.come back to us for more whatsapp +14048002321. Fish I’m Bangladeshi. They have a pair of long and pendulous ear. By the way, from where you have purchased Boer goats? Farmer generally raise medium sized goat for commercial production. Where I found it and what will be the possible cost? Please search some livestock market in your area or search your local classifieds. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The goat has indigenous wild genes that make them be hardy and strong. pe whatsap kar dein please bhai…! i have searched for boer and kalahari breed to no avail. My farm is in Lagos. I am in Swaziland Not the best, but Maradi goats are good for meat production. Boer goats can adapt themselves with most of the climates. Ensure the housing of the Boer goats is on a raised ground in order to keep them dry and warm. Although Boer goats are raised commercially for their highly meat production. Keep the kids and their mother in a separate room or place for some days. i need boer goat in Nigeria, how do i source for it….. I want to start a goat farm in punjab dst. Boer goats, with limited available information, seem to possess these characteristics. Thank you! Thank you for the millions and keep working effectively. These goats drink a lot of water as compared to others. Characteristics and breed standard. Boer Goat Characteristics. I think most of you here searching for BOER goats should look on the internet for these things in AUSTRALIA. Not being what is called a religious man myself, I am a little in doubt as to what is meant by the claim made. Alternative of Boer goat is Damascus goat possible? If yes, let me know the cost implications. Here are some of the guidelines on how to manage your goats on the farm: I have kept goats for a couple of years now and many times winter started, I usually find myself in trouble. Supply the Boer goats with an adequate amount of water daily since they tend to drink a lot even in winter. Thank you! Are you looking into starting profitable Boer goat farming? Asif from where you bought boer goats in pakistan, Asif bhai i will be happy if u can share ur experience and some information with me. Why? Boer goat is known for its Fine quality Meat And faster Growth Rate. We have no idea about your local breeds. They were reported to be browser and preferred a diet dominated by browse (V iljoen, 1980). Both are suitable for commercial meat goat farming business. As both are meat goat breeds, so probably it will increase the efficiency of the crossed breeds. An adult male Boer goat weights about 110-135 kg and an adult female Boer weights about 90-100 kg. From any market or directly from any breeders? Price can vary from place to place, and also depends on the availability. You can search some of your nearest livestock markets for Boer goats. Can boer goats be crossed with blackbengal goats if yes what will be the efficiancy of the crossed breeds ? Although it depends on age, nutrition, diet, and genetics, on average, you can count on 40-50lbs of meat per goat raised to market age, which is roughly 6-9 months. In your opinion what would be a good size starting herd. I start goat farming wef jun 2017 mob no 9678357530. The Boer Goats – South Africa website concentrates all the information about this hardy goat breed into one professionally developed, up to date and easily navigable location. Sir can I cross breed Black bengal does with Boer bucks for high meat purpose ?Please reply sir. Sr Good evening Sir; please where can I get Boer goat in Nigeria? I want to start a boer goat firm in Bangladesh. it is very useful for new farmers. I have so far bought 50 Barri goats. 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Boer goat breed was developed in South Africa with the intention of increasing goat meat production in early 1900. They also produce milk highly, but mostly suitable for meat production. Can abyone help me where I can found this breed in Bangladesh ? Please could you be of help to me, I am involved in animal farming and husbandry. Boer doe. How I can get boer goat? The other names of this goat breed include; Afrikaner and Africander. See the characteristics of Boer goats listed above. This is the reason why they are kept for commercial purposes by many farmers. Review full breed profile of the Boer goat in the following table. You can start with your local breeds. Because the Boer was selectively improved for its meat production ability and its ability to pass on that trait to its offspring, along with other traits including pasture hardiness, the addition of a Boer buck to a commercial meat goat herd can improve the meat characteristics of the offspring without making them too “soft” to be pasture goats. Thanks for your kind consideration!