Saturday, January 21, 2006

Free Sudoku for PocketPC

Start of Note.
SudoPocket is no longer maintained. This page is here for historical reasons. Please download Pocket Sudoku for a better experience. It includes everything SudoPocket contains and a lot more.
End of Note.

SudoPocket 1.4 is a Free Sudoku for Pocket PC featuring:
  • Painless user interface
  • Background grid generation
  • Inteligent pencil marks
  • Advanced deductive techniques (without guessing)
  • Obvious fault refusal
  • VGA and QVGA support
  • Small footprint (less than 100kb)
Added in version 1.4 (2005-03-10):
  • Undo/Redo;
  • flickerless and faster user interface;
  • reset pencil marks;
  • open textual sudoku files.
  1. Make sure you have installed .Net Compact Framework v2.0;
  2. Download the;
  3. Insert your device into the craddle and check if ActiveSync is connected;
  4. Copy the cab file into your Pocket PC device (using ActiveSync Explorer);
  5. Run the cab file on your device using File Explorer;
  6. Run SudoPocket from Start->Programs->Games->SudoPocket

SudoPocket is suject to the GNU General Public License. You can download the sources (using eMule) and publish a new version, as long as you publish your source code as well. SudoPocket itself is based on Pocket Sudoku. Many thanks to Emil Andersson for sharing it.

How to Play
  • When you tap an empty cell, you place the current number on the empty cell;
  • The current number is shown in the lower right corner;
  • Use your keypad to change the current number;
  • Tap on a filled cell to change the current number;
  • The program will not let you do obvious faults (placing repeated numbers in the same cell/row/sector);
  • To clear a wrong cell, tap and hold the wrong cell;
  • To toggle a pencil mark for the current number, tap and hold the cell;
  • The puzzle generation is done in background while you play. When you use "Game->New" you might get a message stating to wait until the new puzzle is ready.

Have fun.