Sterling D. Allan – 911 Truth, San Francisco

Há excelentes videos sobre o 11 de Stembro, produzidos recentemente e que merecem a atenção, quer se trate de alguém que já convencido de que houve uma conspiração e uma tentativa subsequente de cobertura promovida por elementos do governo dos Estados Unidos da América, ou de alguém que ainda não tenha chegado a essa conclusão.

There have been some excellent 911 Truth videos produced recently that deserve your attention, whether you are already convinced that there is a conspiracy and cover-up from elements within the U.S. government, or you have yet to come to that conclusion. Such a criminal cover-up is blatantly obvious if you will consider the evidence that is presented in these videos, which provide some new evidence as well as present the old evidence in power ways.

The reason this is relevant to free energy technology is that the faction that is involved in the 911 execution and cover-up is part of a wider conspiracy for whom the emergence of these game-changing free energy technologies and the liberation they would provide would spell disaster to the cabal’s agenda to establish a world Orwellian police state. Likewise, you can see why helping such technologies emerge becomes a heroic endeavor of epic proportions.

Watching and propagating these videos is a revolutionary act. Be part of the resistance to tyranny. It’s part of the milieu of defending and advancing freedom.

Sterling D. Allan,
Feb. 25, 2010

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