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El Pais - Acidente aéreo em São Paulo

A320 São Paulo
Clicar na imagem para aceder à página de El Pais onde é feita a reconstrução gráfica do acidente com o Airbus A320.
Para os interessados, desenvolve-se no Civil aviation forum uma discussão sobre os motivos do acidente.

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TAM Crash video

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Message of speedbird9468
Sent 20 Jul 13:14

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Here is a video of the crash in CGH you can clearly see the crash at the end of the clip Also it compares the previous landings to the A320 that tragically crashed. It clearly appears that the aircraft was aquaplanning.


Message of Werkur737
sent 21 Jul 0:20
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Nice video. My sentiments to the PR-MBK A320-233 victims.
Sure aquaplanning.

Message of captain bill
sent 22 Jul 16:46

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It is the speed of the A-320 that disturbs me. For the aircraft to land at this speed which is far too fast for a full stop landing either the throttles were opened as he came in over the fence to do a go around or was his glide slope approach far too fast which depending on the equipment at the airport ATC should have detected and advised. Did they ? at this stage we don't know so don't speculate.

We have seen other incidents with A-320's when the officer in charge wanted to do one thing but the Fly By Wire System took over and countermanned his decision of the officer and the incident ended up in disaster. I'm not saying this is what happened but I present it to you for your consideration.

Message of Endurance
sent 22 Jul 20:24

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I don't think it is aquaplaning.

Does not seems reasonably to me that a 62 ton plane had aquaplaned for almost 2000 meters of runway in a perfect straight line!!!!.

The ATR42 that had problems one day before had aquaplaned, spun and made a 180 degrees turn into the grass.

One thing that calls for my attention, doesn't look to similar to the following crash???



Message of speedbird9468
sent 23 Jul 1:55

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Interesting to read all your opinions. I guess we will soon find out when we get the report about what evidence there is from the black box

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